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Dreamgirl in Cochin

Saturday nights are stressful. Whether one should plan for the upcoming Sunday or enjoy the moment is a big ask. It is important not to succumb to ennui and end doing nothing. This often leads to a weeklong regret. Hence, we decided the last Saturday night to watch a Hindi blockbuster. The most recent is one titled, Dreamgirl. It features my better half’s favourite the redoubtable Ayushman Khurana. And then Surprise! Our favourite jaunt of Hindi movies, the PVR Lulu Mall was almost housefull for the Hindi movie. And so was the multiplex at Oberon Mall. We were well past the time for the single screen, Sridar. It is not every day that you find Hindi movies running to Housefull in Cochin! But all was not lost. Q Cinemas at Gold Souk Mall had some plum seats for a very cheap price. There was a warning in italics, Normal Sofa – no recliner. It should have alerted me to the later turn of events but it did not. We trudged at 9.30 pm on the deserted Central Avenue of Panampilly Nagar. And th…

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