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Save the Migratory Birds!

Today is World Migratory Bird Day
As a novice bird watcher I think it is my responsibility to talk about it in the communities and spaces I inhabit. Migratory birds travel from one part of the world to another or even from one altitude to another dictated by the changes in weather. How and why they do this is not entirely known. But what is certainly known is that in the process of migration the birds travel far and wide. In fact, human travels (aided by modern aircraft and technology) is puny compared to the unaided migratory flights of some birds such as the Arctic Tern. While some of the birds who undertake migration are indeed exotic, it is not rare to find a migratory bird in our own backyards. The various seagulls, ducks, flamingos and several other commonly seen birds are migratory and travel varying distances. It is indeed incredible how a bird which you see commonly on a Mumbai or Cochin seafront in winters may be spending its summers in Central Asia!  But gradually this wonde…

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