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The not - so - silent Pandemic

The train had started moving. I tried to strike up a conversation. Eventually all conversations end up about the Pandemic. "There is a lull in the pandemic these days .." "I dont believe it. I see it every ..." his unfinished sentence was drowned in bollywood song emanating from a co-passengers' mobile. He said something else too but that also got suppressed by another mobile's sound. This time a hindi news report about a python being spotted in Noida. I thought of asking him to repeat but merely nodded knowingly as if i agreed with whatever he was saying. "...and people are not using ..." I ventured again "Ofcourse they are not using ..." I was a bit taken aback by his violent retort because he himslef was sans mask and so was I. "...atleast they should use it when they are unwell" I added defensively. "They are not using it because they are suffering .." he replied with vehemence and outshouting the blaring from anot

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