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Birds of Neyyar Dam: Egret

Colours of Lakshadweep 2

Colours of Lakshadweep

Tree in the Night!

Therapeutic Photography!

Owl: My best shot!

Lord Vishnu and the Elephant

Trinkets at Cochin

The Bird Feeder

Myna in Cochin

Brahminy Kite on the Ashtamudi Lake

Brahminy Kites

Cochin skyline

Myna and the Oriental Magpie Robin

Sandpiper: What the mind does not know the eyes cannot see

Egret: Through the Fish Eye

Red Vented Bulbul on a Gulmohur

The Little Egret: Solo Act

UFO in the Mumbai sky

The Little Egret and Friends

The Little Egret

Santhigiri Lotus 2

Tribes India: Paintings 2

Tribes India: Paintings

Daman Photos after seven years! 2