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The Gin Drinker’s Line Many moons ago when one didn’t let one’s schooling interfere with one’s education and Maths teachers had a reputation and Germany had recently reunited, our Maths teacher fell sick. It was a reason for us to heave a collective sigh of relief and play table tennis on makeshift classroom desks with maths notebooks (we used to call them “copies”) as bats during the free maths periods. But before we could finish even a match, in walked a replacement teacher - our physics teacher. Much later, we were to discover to our annoyance that Maths and Physics are Siamese twins and this discovery led a few amongst us, including self, to run to the relative safety of  Biology as a subject.  However, as for now we had to quickly abandon our game of makeshift table tennis and return to our seats as the Physics teacher started teaching Maths. Being completely ill prepared and not wanting to show  it, he started shaking our basic foundation of maths, by asking us what is a “point”.

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