Electromagnetic Waves

I am immersed in waves.
Waves that i can not see.
Multiple waves.
Multiple origins.
They are crisp yet formless
Waves made of abbreviation
officious yet meaningless.
They are drowning me
But i know it not.
I breathe and inhale them.
Eat and swallow them.
They percolate the intercellular spaces
In my body, my mind and my soul.
Their presence is not felt.
Only their absence leaves a dull blank pain.
Like an infant suddenly weaned.
Too stunned to cry.
I grasp with my blank eyes and blunted brain.
Into nothingness.


vinny said…
Amazing.... I would have preferred “deep within” in place of “intercellular spaces”!
ED said…
Mrigank said…
Awesome poem...

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