Day2 : Daman

Unlike the previous day we woke up early and made up for the fiasco of Moti Daman. Crossed the Daman Ganga (costs RS2 per person for the 5 min ride). The Hieronymous Fort is very imposing. Thick moss covered walls and a huge gate. There is a small one room house outside which it is written that it belonged to some portugese poet Bocage. The feeling inside the fort is one of lost granduer, what it must have looked like when Daman was a major port and trading vessels docked from as far away as Lisbon, Mozambique and Macao. The Se Cathedral (aka Church of Bom Jesus) is inspiring. The intricate gold work is very much intact and the presence of God is palpable!
We hit for Vapi on the road to Silvassa. After wiating for some time a rickety gujarat state transport bus took uos to Silvassa in 45mins.
Silvassa and Dadra
The major rason d etre for going to Silvassa was to tick it off in the long list of states and UTs on India as "Visited". The Lion Safari was closed. We had lunch and headed for the deserted Tourist Reception Desk. Silvassa has even lesser portuguese influence that Daman. There is a tribal museum which gives glimpses of the life of triblas in the UT. Nearly three quarter of the population is tribal. The museum is interesting but could do with more information. With nothing else to do we headed for the Vanganga Resort in Dadra. Nothing spectacular but it was very pleasant. Back to Daman. Next morning Mumbai by the famed (and extremely crowded) Flying Rani.


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