A typical commute

Iam back to my punishing shcedule of taking the 10:36 pm Andheri slow to work! While these journies are a pain no doubt but they provide an excellent opportunity to introspect and catch up on phone convesation with long lost friends. For this particular commute it is the Millenium Rake which pulls into the platform no 2 of Churchgate. The interiors are plush and look elegant in the lighting even months after the rake was commisioned. Sure there are signs of vandalism, but still it is a much better than the drab interiors of the regular locals. I remove my shoes and put my feet on the front seats. I know that it is uncivil and illegal to do it but there is no one else in the Ist. I remember reading a news item recently that doing the same thing in a New York metro may cost you $50! Despite this fact, I doze off comfortably after setting my mobile phone alarm for 2300. I suddenly wake up with a start and find a strange looking station, I panic! My guess is that I've overshot Santa Cruz. I try hard looking for a sign board, but I fail to locate one. The train starts. The few fellow commuters I have are conspicuosly looking at me or so I think)! I suddenly realise that it was only Bandra and the train is now being put on the Harbour Line. I hate it when this happens because the Harbour Line platform at Santa Cruz is a case study of the infrastructural inadequacy of this city - there is only one way to the Rail OverBridge and it is crowded like hell always. I wait till the crowd thins out and then move leisurely out to the east side.


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