A Frog and a Window Seat

I got up in the morning to the extravagant tune of my mobile phone alarm. (Somehow I have never owned a real "Alarm Clock") I wanted to sleep again immediately but with superhuman effort I managed to sleepwalk to the loo. As I contemplated the spartan commode I thought I saw some movement ... must be morpheus, my first groggy thought. But then it happened again. There definitely was something in the commode so I flushed it ... and lo ... a slimy green frog right out of Animal Planet was doing aquatic maneouvres in the commode! I was now wide awake I flushed again ... this time the force was enough to propel the frog down the drain. But I flushed again and again like maniac perhaps to flush down the funny feeling I was having in my throat!
Scene 2: The rush in the local was unexpected. I clambered on. I manged to push through to the proximal end. A man was engrossed in the MidDay reading some article about TV Actors making more money by hosting shows rather than acting (if you can call it that). I tried to peer into his paper unobtrusively. Suddenly the man was startled because the person in front of him got up from his seat so he was truly in the enviable position of grabbing a seat. He looked around confused. There was an old man slouching some way off so he offered the seat to him. The older man politely refused: "I only have to get down at Mahim". The lucky guy immediately occupied the seat and immersed himself in the MidDay. I looked longingly towards the window seat hoping for a similar windfall.


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