Cuffe Parade2

Cuffe Parade is a piece of reclaimed heaven. But it is also a symbol of what all is wrong with Mumbai. The residential rent is among the highest in the world. When it was being built it was being vehemently opposed by a person no less than Phirozeshah Mehta and no, it was not for environmental concern, but he thought that such a huge piece of land will depress prices in coveted South Bombay. But the prices spiralled after the reclamation as they do even today. The construction was bungalows on the art - deco pattern. Of course in the last decade it has been of the skyscraper kind.

Cuffe Parade from Nariman Point
It is a symbol for mumbaikars, the opulence which they see everyday but cannot live. It feels, as if you stretch your hand you can touch it but not quite!


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