Tower of Babel!!!!

I discovered this page Google translate and started playing with it. Hence the long list of languages in which you can find this blog "translated" upon! While it looks neat, I tried to test the options with hilarious results. Since I know no other language in the list other than English this was my test: I translated my previous post in this pattern: English to German to French to German to English back again (by then it had started losing resemblance to the original!), and then to Japanese. And then instead of converting it back from "Japanese" to English I clicked "Chinese" to English thinking that after all Japanese and Chinese must have some similarity and this is my result (please compare with the "original" below!!):
And a caravan is private "their Macchimar Nagar their Cuffe Nariman between them they p aradiert their coastal their Kabriolette their "Truly earth they see signs from the heavens asunder. These are led down a back you sign away most private things between you are, boats, Monsune us time to be outside their admission said : Path! And when they will give no crew と their songs do stand up easement


Anonymous said…
great stuff-please keep ip up

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