The day after

Its Sunday morning I am headed towards Kandivali in splashing rain. The view out of the taxi is typical Bombayana ... rain washed street ... pull carts and cyclists competing with huge sedans in avoiding potholes made invisible by flooding ... 70s music playing on the taxis jarring audio cassette player. Churchgate station is deserted. Th 11:51 slow to Borivali is practically empty. I pass the newly installed row of metal detectors. They have a counter also which reads 25,000 something as I pass it with the ATVM generated ticket. There are more vendors on the train than passengers. I buy a plastic "water tight" pouch for keeping my mobile, which is made in China and yours for Rs 5.00. I wonder about the cost price and imagine thousands, nay, millions of such puches being shipped in huge containers which have labels "China Shipping". Or may be they are just smuggled across Nepal! The crowd is really thin. Is it because, of the blasts in Ahmedabad or is it the normal "Sunday" crowd or may be just another rainy day.


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