Capitals of India

Thinking about Delhi prompted me to write this post. Delhi has not been the only capital of India. Some of the ones I could think of are:
Pataliputra (Patna) of Ashoka
Delhi of lot of rulers
Daulatabad of Muhammed bin Tughlaq
(Fatehpur Sikri) of Akbar
Calcutta of East India Company and Britishers till 1912
Shimla, Summer Capital of East India Company and Britishers till 1912
New Delhi of Britishers after 1912 and of Republic of India


Ginny said…
Simla was the "Summer Capital" of the British India till 1947 - remember Simla Conference that decided the fate of the partition of the Sub-continent. In fact, considering that the British really stayed in Simla for 8 months in a year - from April to November and stayed in Calcutta and later in Delhi for only four winter months - from December to March, Simla may very well classify as the British capital with Cacutta/Delhi as the winter capital!
Ginny said…
They shifted from Calcutta to delhi, while Simla remained their capital for 8 months.

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