Moving beyond Mumbai!

Mumbai has been a pleasure for the past four and a half years and now its time to move on and grow beyond. So, its going to be Kochi of Cochin if you will! Mumbai continues to be on my radar and will try to continue blogging on this site, however, for Kochi there is a new blog: The format on that site will majorly be twitter based and my longhand musings will continue on this site.


Ginny said…
Include Goa too - I can send you the photos and contents - then you can change the name of this blog to Coastal India from Mumbaijamming, since you may be posted in Vishakhapatnam or Madras as well - I prefer to use the older spellings and names, since I don't believe in obliterating history and no government can make me change the way I spell or call a place.
Have a look at and read the comments by "Daisy"
Ginny said…
You know he history of the name "Daisy" in our family - I don't want to lay it down here on a public page.

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