Hogenakkal Falls

The fact that Hogenakkal Falls do not appear in major tourist books should not let you presume that it is one quiet get away! It is infact a hot crowded commercialized place. But then you see the falls and you guess it is worth it only if the crowds had been a couple of a thousand lesser! Finding place for parking in the small crowded streets is difficult. Finding a Coracle is easy though albeit expensive. I paid Rs 900 for 2 hours although I guess I got fleeced a bit. The ride involves passing through a narrow gorge with minor waterfalls flowing in from both the sides.The main falls can only be see by walking through what was once a lonely jungle trail on the edge of the Karnataka border with Tamil Nadu. Today it is a well trodden path with atleast 200 people trudging along it and littering it with empty plastic bottles, chips packets, and almost all the litter you can imagine. The main site is a further walk away on an elevated platform which seems to be a victim of serious funds misappropriation as the railings have been constructed only halfway leaving the proximal half dangerously open. The falls are however an amazing site. Some people do manage to wade into the water right till the edge which presumable gives a much better sight but I would suggest not given the precipitous drop. The ride back is quiet and only interrupted by repeated pleadings by the coracle boatman for backsheesh which is rather irritating.


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