25 reasons why people don't walk on escalators

Today morning I got up bleary eyed at the unearthly hour of 2:30 am to catch the 5:20 am flight to Kochi. And it was my destiny to get a seat in the waiting hall near the ominous Gate 13 of the (old) Terminal 2 watching over the proceeding of an Escalator bringing travelers to this subterranean lair. I was mesmerised by the way people were behaving on the escalator and in a rare revelation I realised that there are 25 reasons why people don't walk on the escalators. Here are the 25 reasons (in no particular order) why you wouldn't walk on a escalator:
#25 Because you are too obese
#24 Because you are wearing spice girl shoes
#23 Because you have a wife in tow
#22 Because there are people in front of you who are blocking your way
#21 Because you have an obnoxious lot of hand baggage
#20 Because you are an Air India official and you would like to be carried on ground as well
#19 Because you are too scared
#18 Because you don't know where the escalator ends
#17 Because your hands are full
#16 Because you are holding a cuddly Hobbes soft toy
#15 Because the escalator is moving
#14 Because you are wearing a saree
#13 Because if you had to walk you would have rather taken the stairs
#12 Because you are coming from the arctic circle and your hands are full of woolens that you have shed in the warm January of Mumbai
#11 Because you are practicing your show stopper catwalk
#10 Because you are holding a cola in each of your hands
#09 Because you are still practicing the Frenzel's Maneuver of middle ear equalisation for your blocked ears from the previous flight
#08 Because you are ogling at the forty something Air India stewardess and praying that she is not on your flight
#07 Because there is a naughty kid in tow
#06 Because nobody else is
#05 Because you are eating an apple
#04 Because you are facing the wring way to impress your female companion
#03 Because you are afraid that your false teeth will fall off
#02 Because your flight will wait for you

#01 Because you would rather jog!


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