Two movies in Twelve Hours

Its not often that you get two holidays interspersed with a working day and the luxury of having an extended weekend. I decided to make the most of it, and after traversing the various hot spots in the city over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on the Monday I decided to delve into movies. That is always a difficult option, as most of the Bollywood movies, most of the time are intolerable. So on this particular monday I threw caution to the wind and booked a really late night show of Salman Khan starrer "Kick" and quite expectedly it turned out to be just that: a typical Salman Khan starrer. A kitsch of various sitcoms, action sequences, car chases, special effects and item songs. But it was hilarious, definitely not the moneys' worth but enjoyable if not really entertaining. I was sad in the end though. Salman Khan has really aged and with him I think I have too. While his performance was impeccable, wrinkles all marvelously camouflaged, there are certain things about age which no amount of camera effects, cosmetics and computer software can hide. Its perhaps a bit of nonchalance and cynicism that comes with age that reflects deep down in the eyes replacing the twinkle of youth. Yes, Mr Salman, you have aged. To get a detox the next morning I took the plunge yet again at the untheatrical hour of 9.10 AM. The movie was the The Grand Budapest Hotel. There could not have been a more remarkable contrast. Understatement and true humour, if there is ever such a thing, were the characteristics of this movie. In the cozy multiplex hardly a dozen souls watched it, but time flew fast. A truly great movie deserving every bit of praise showered on it by multitude of critics. Give me two such contrasting movies and I would do Two movies in Twelve hours again! Though perhaps not of Mr Salman Khan ... Apologies to him and his millions of fans.


The Grand Budapest Hotel was really nice. As are other Wes Anderson movies.. :)

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