Vasai Fort

Whats in Vasai? An emerging real estate market? A stop for the Kerala Rajdhani Express? A morbid beach? And also a 500 year old Portuguese fort in ruins. The fort,backdrop of many a bollywood blockbusters, is quite a step away from the Vasai Road suburban railway station. By road its even farther. However, this distance from the urban agglomeration bestows upon it an old world charm. You feel as if transported to a Goan village and not to a crowded Mumbai suburb. Finding the entrance to the fort is a bit of a challenge. As there are many which lead to seemingly inconsequential and boring ramparts. However, if you stay around and explore the overgrown vegetation you may stumble upon ancient stone work and masonry, facades and remnants of churches, residences and many other buildings. In many ways it is similar to Ross Island in Port Blair and the Residency in Lucknow, only older and less well preserved.


Brings back memories. I wonder if ASI is doing anything to preserve the place. Or at least Bollywood should, considering how many movies it has 'worked' in! :)

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