Meaningless Story 2

The february sun is shining hard on all things great and small, attempting to melt them. It is peeping into the window and percolating through nooks and crevasses. Trying to do a modern art on the wall with shadows, but is ineffective and unartistic.
Its more of a threat really. Surely it cannot be as fierce as it's cousin in April?
Does the Sun has a cousin or cousins?
And do they take turns to warm the earth?
Where does the other one go?
Asking the sun these imponderables is not an option. But one can surely shut it out. Beneath the dark furry blanket. In a make believe world. But it's getting hot. A hot and dark make believe world inside the blanket is almost as bad as as the fierce threatening sun's cousin outside.


Arpit upadhyaya said…
Never thought like that,no adjective to describe how good it is presented
Unknown said…
Very well penned
Unknown said…
Sun and it's cousins haven't stopped laughing ever since...just 1 of them who didn't understand the story is still hiding beneath the dark furry blanket .
Rohit said…
Thanks Arpit!

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