Breathtaking Ladakh

It just doesn't take a simple decision to go to Ladakh, it almost takes divine intervention. While there are several ways of reaching Ladakh, perhaps the only sane way of doing so is by air to Leh from Delhi. That said, its no simple task, as the flights are sold out months in advance. Even with a confirmed ticket, there is no guarantee that one would be able to make it on the day thanks to the notoriously ephemeral weather at Leh which can turn bad in a matter of minutes. So if you have indeed landed at Leh airport you certainly have passed some sort of test of good karma
The change is almost immediately apparent. The heavy bag that you had lunged at the check in counter at Delhi with some strength now seems impossible to nudge off the baggage belt. But help is at hand. People here realise that you are a landlubber already suffering from (hopefully) just a mild case of Acute Mountain Sickness. With a smile and a Jullay! one's luggage is loaded onto the taxi pronto!
The hotels here are more like homestays. You are advised to take rest, drink water and not to attempt anything gallantry at least for the next twenty four hours in a most didactic tone. Your queries regarding Tso Moriri or Nubra Valley are answered with a polite smile. This is when you bend down to untie your shoelaces and realise what a difficult feat to achieve that is! Truly breathtaking Ladakh is!


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