If I were a Coconut

If I were a Coconut, I would be soft inside and hard outside. I would be creamy and white. I would even have some water inside me. But people would see me as green. It would be fun to stay up the tall trees. I would be able to see far from there.  Perhaps I would be on a beautiful island.  I would ripen and fall down in the sea. The waves will carry me far from my island to some distant shore. Oh! It would be so much fun to travel in the sea! To reach another island and make another coconut tree there! Or perhaps I would be growing on a tree on the farm. There would be green fields all around me. Someone would climb my tree to pick me up. I would be cut open by a sharp knife. It would surely hurt a lot. But then people will eat my cream. Some would drink the water. And then, they will become strong all because of me!


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