The weekend

Finally I have managed to crawl to the weekend after a hectic week. Busy?! Huh? Busy without work! Its so much like swimming against a strong current, all the hard just to stay where you are. It might be more adventurous to let go and see where the stream throws you against. Anyway what I am looking forward to is sleep, sound and untainted by the sound of cellphone and wakeup alarms. Suddenly I realize Iam not feeling sleepy at all! May be I just want to get away from work! So Iam day dreaming about the weekend and looking forward to a weekend getaway. Escapism! Is it just a grand name for ennui? Well it does have its benefits. It is the earliest progenitor of creativity. It is the mother hen from which finally an egg will emerge, only to be scrambled and served as breakfast! That reminds me I wish to have lavish breakfast tomorrow!


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