South Goa: Madgaon Colva

On the last day of my visit to Goa we decided to do a token visit of South Goa by visiting Colva Beach which is about 39 km away from Panjim. this time there was no escaping NH17 and we took to it bravely. The traffic was heavy but well behaved. We reached Madgaon in fairly well time. By the looks of it, it was most unlike Panjim. From here we took right turn to Colva which was 6 km furhter away. Colva Beach is the longest uninterrupted strtch of sand on Goa. The moment we landed hordes of boatmen came to us asking if we wanted to 'Dolphins' in deep sea for a price of Rs600 and half of it to be returned if there were no sightings! It took some persistent refusal for them to leave us. The beach is populated but less crowded than Calangute and immense more enjoyable. The waters are an undescribable blue- green colour. We took a break to have some pomfret fry at a beach restaurant when we saw some activity in the waters and lo! there were Dolphins! It was a profoundly spectacular sight. After about ten minutes the Dolphins disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared. Time for another dip in the waters and lunch. We left at about 2pm to head for Panjim, pack stuff and head for the airport for the first lowfare airline ride of my life. I was very apprehensive but as it turned out it was good for the price. The amount of enthusiasm which the solitary air-hostess showed while serving only water was indeed commendable!


Shalini said…
We came from Goa last weeek after a wonderful vacation. Even though my visit was so fresh in my mind, I enjoyed reading your description of the area. Goa has become very crowded and atuned to foreign tourists, so much so that shacks would rather not have indian customers at all. South Goa is great, lots of clean and quiet beaches to be found, while in the north, its hustle, bustle and hippies.

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