Thinking about Goa

I have been thinking of going to Goa. This little state, the tiniest of all Indian states(does that incude Delhi also?) has been beckoning me for some time now. I have missed several opportunities of going there. The portugese came there in the 16th century and were dislodged only after some effort by India in 1961 (19th Dec to be precise). Goa is the fag end of Konkan strip which starts from southern end of Gujarat. It has famed beahes, marvellous churches, a portugese influenced cultural tradition but still is it enough to attract those hordes of tourists? When I ask this question to die-hard Goa enthusiasts they give me meaningful smiles and tell me "Boy, you have to go to goa to feel it!" So as usual my search started with the internet, Lonely Planet, and 52 weekend breaks. The more I read about it the more I wanted to go there so I bought the tickets made the bookings and ahoy!


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