Kanyakumari 2: Vivekanandpuram

I visited Kanyakumari some time back but it is only now that I have managed to dig out some photographs and material to come up with something substantial. While decidedly the focus of Kanyakumari is the Vivekananda Rock, there is an elaborate property by the name of Vivekanandapuram of the Ramakrishna Math. It has some basic (and crowded) accommodation, a meditation hall, a museum, a partly landscaped park and a tiny beach. 
 The Statue of Vivekananda. The Rock can be seen in the distant background.

The Vivekananda Rock and the Thiruvalluvar monument as seen from Vivekanandapuram. Beyond the wall that can be seen in the foreground lies a tiny beach, ideal for an early morning stroll.


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