Oriental Magpie Robin 2

A side view of the Magpie Robin perched on the topmost branch

The same Magpie Robin with the underbelly. I was directly standing below!
Today, I went looking for the Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis) and tried not to pay attention to the numerous House Sparrows, Mynas, Pigeons, Crows and Parrots. After some effort I did manage to locate it on one of the highest branches of a tree. This is when the gigantic 22x optical zoom of the Olympus SP610UZ came into play. While the shots were far from perfect, I could make out the shape of the bird in the foliage! Which brings to my mind an ornithological mystery: how do you photograph those birds that tend to favour the highest branches of the tree and never descend to the ground? At best you can manage to snap the bellies (as I have here) but that remains far from being the optimal shot.


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