Kilimanoor Palace

The gate to Kilimanoor Palace

A stone inscription inside the palace precincts

A closed window surrounded by freshly painter motifs

The side face of the palace
Through one of the verandahs. A fading mural decorates the top of the door.
Kilimanoor Palace is an obscure palace about 40 kms north of Trivandrum on the ancient highway (now surprisingly refurbished), the Main Central (MC) Road. It has nothing much to offer but  the laid back antiquity is reward enough for the ride. There is a ticket counter but it is closed. There is a family, perhaps caretakers, who are not really welcoming and convey this through gestures and Malayalam but I pretend not to understand and ask them permission to photograph in Hindi. This, they reluctantly agree and even help me snap. I thank them and move on, perhaps they want to be tipped but I do not oblige them.


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