Arjuna and Yudhhishthira

There is a fly. House fly. Musca domestica. It is sitting on the floor, very near to where my leg is resting. It is very still. I just have raise to my right foot and stamp it, to squish it. 
Then the arguments come. Why squish a fly?
"Because it is a pesky harbringer of disease and pestilence. It would be my individual contribution to maintaining public health", said the Arjuna inside me.
"But, why me? Isn't the government or the municipality or the civic authorities or the person next door responsible for maintaining hygiene and prevent breeding of flies! Why should I be responsible for the sin of killing a living creature. A tiny, innocuous, creature. Made by the same god who has made you and me. A creature who has not done me any harm and is going about the business of living as any one of us. Surely, wouldn't one rot in hell for killing such a creature?", argued the Yuddhisthira inside me.
Meanwhile, Arjuna had started preparations for the battle. My brain rehearses the stamping and the squishing, without lifting my foot.
But where is the fly? It has has flown away!
Yuddhishthira wins, this time.
Until Krishna comes and gives me some direction, its going to be contorted stories about unsquished flies on this blog!


senator said…
To swat or not to swat is a tough call. Fly with your instincts..
Ashis said…
Why squash the fly, use the commercially available sprays.
Ydhisthira doesn't have to go to hell, n Arjuna satishfied.😁
MB&S said…
for next timers - what if the housefly is in ur tea ? whats it going to be ?
ED said…
Musca domestica is more concerned about you Rv😂.
Very nice.... entertaining one👍
Sonalika kar said…
Amusing...just want to know did u regret or not?

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