Laughing out loud or What if I eat an ant

What if I eat an ant?
Ants are tiny insects. They are so small that it is difficult to see them. They get attracted to sweets and sugar. Once I was eating a toffee and I saw an ant crawling on the wrapper. I thought I must have eaten an ant. And now she would be inside me. She would be scared inside me. It would be all dark and there would be no friends of hers there. May be if I would eat something sweet, the ant would feed on it inside my stomach. It would crawl inside me looking for her way out. When it will crawl, I will get tickled and I would laugh. But i would not know why am I laughing. May be if I would laugh out loud, it will get thrown out from my mouth! That way it will find its way back home. So I must laugh out loud once in while, without reason, so that if I have eaten any ants they can get out and go back to their home.


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