Continuing with BBSR. I went around the town and saw the familiar places change into unrecognisables. Is it that my memory has faded or the changes are for real? The school I was in, now has two shifts: morning and evening. The Lingaraj is the same as ever. Now sporting new information boards with the help of some Italian conservation organisation. The Bindusagar is greener and murkier than ever before. I imagine what it would take to clean it up - the mythical lake which contains waters from all the sacred rivers of India. In the newer areas of the city developers have been influenced by Delhi in the layout of roads, however the lack of resources is evident. Right now the city doesnt require so many flyovers and the rest but the planning for that should be done today rather than when the city would have gone the way of the metros. Sadly, it is showing all signs of going that way. All my school friends have left the city for greener pastuers to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and abroad. I guess some of that talent needs to come back and work overtime for their own city if some good has to happen.


It was great reading your post. I wish I too could visit BBSR to feel and see the changes taht the city has witnessed. There are so many places and so many memories that are attached to them. Thanks!

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