Churchgate Station: Eating Options

Churchgate is one of the busiest suburban stations. And just as I am planning to get on board to fight for another day after missing my breakfast I feel hunger pangs. The 7:53 Andheri Slow is still a few minutes away. I survey the options: Ikays, WRly catering, and QuickBite. Out of the which QuickBite and Ikays are too near the loo for olfactory comfort. WRly catering along with Frankie have a small outlet which serves Cold Coffee (Most Popular Rs 10/-), IceCream of various shades and Frankie ofcousrse serves frankies of which Chicken Frankie (Rs 25/-) is the most succulent one. The downside is that it is made fresh and takes about 7 minutes and it looks that I will miss the 7:53. The faster option is at Ikays which serves readymade microwaved Chicken Rolls but is tad expensive (Rs 28 + 12.5% VAT ThankYou = Rs 31.50). Well I stuff it in my mouth fast otherwise I might even miss the 7:56 Borivali Slow!


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