To Tickle A Crocodile

I was sitting with him, discussing his agricultural land. He suddenly asked me " Do you know what to do if you are caught by a crocodile?"
"Why should I be caught by a crocodile?!"
Then he began to tell his story. His grandfather was in Burma. One day while washing himself at the mighty Irrawaddy, a crocodile appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his left arm. But his grandfather must have been agile. He knew what to do. He tickled the crocodile with his right hand at the beasts axilla, just as you would do to a kid prankster. The crocodile immediately released his grip. Later on his grandfather returned to his native Madurai district, got married and brought up a family. This tale became a legend in his family being told to every wide eyed child.
" I owe my existence to a ticklish crocodile!"


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