Street names, chowks and the like: Thinking away from the usual suspects

The last post on Sir JJ gave me some food for thought. Its not only about Sir JJ that I do not know but also about the scores of apparently memorable people I know nothing about, who are "martyred" by naming innumerable roads, chowks, chawls, bridges, hospitals and what nots. Apart from the usual controversy of naming and renaming etc. I have begun to think what can actually be done about this gigantic lack of ignorance about our public figures which I am sure I share with millions of others. I am also pretty sure about one more thing: there is very little information about "these people" on the internet too. I believe we should make it a public crusade to ensure that the people who demand naming/ renaming a public structure over a "public person" should post relevant and authentic information about the person on some public repository of information like the internet. The municipal bodies should ensure that the backlog should be tackled step by step too.


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