Pune Station revisited

Suddenly right now I found myself on the Pune Railway station and it was like jamais vou! It has been nearly 6 years since I was last here and I find the the place geographcally the same but populated differently! The wheeler which opens 24 x 7 is still there but the chances are that if you are not paying attention then you might step on some sleeping soul before you get to the latest India Today screaming India's 60 years of independence. The place as cramped as the kumbh mela! There is a hep restaurant "Comesum" with psychedelic lighting which dishes out stale chicken burgers for Rs30.00 + VAT! I am remembering Mamu and Iam not sure if he would be reading this, but he would have been delighted at seeing the eccentricity of Bhavnagar - Kakinada Town express standing on platform no1. I really want to know who travels from Bhavnagar to Kakinada Town the entire distance! I guess so would Mamu!


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