What do you do when you are in god's own land and have an afternoon free? You open the rough guide to india (three years old bought second hand) close your eyes and place you index finger somewhere on the map of kerala ... and lo .. Ettumannur! You head to the KSRTC bus stand try deciphering the noodles like script and sit in the right bus on the third try ... survive the 2 hour bus journey to just short of Kottayam and get down in front of the Ettumannur Mahadevar temple which is upposed to have some exquisite paintings. Well it has four big murals which albeit in poor state are impressive. What is more impressive is the temple ofcourse, ie, if you religious! You have a snack right in front of the temple which is strangely called ABBA and written like the way the band like to write it, but no music though! You board a bus driven by a maniac and rally feel blessed by the god when you make it tto Ernakulom in one piece


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