Nostalgia and Time Games!

These last four weeks I have been gripped by a debilitating nostalgia. Everything reminds me of some seemingly comfortable and happy past and leads to craving for such relaxed times again. To counter it I have begun playing mind games involving time.
How the people must have felt in 1971 regarding the independance, Gandhi, US, the war with pakistan ...? The answer is to go back the period form today and see how we feel about the incidents at a particular point in history. So, Independance was 24 years before 1971, so what happened 24 years before now and how distant does it feel? Well that makes it 1984 ... Indira Gandhi's assassination, Blue Star, Color television, Asiad at Delhi.... Well for me these are very fresh although I was just a toddler then and I can clearly recount what was I doing when each of these happened and how I felt about it ... So in 1971 people must be feeling really close to the Independance movement than just some piece of history!
I guess I should find some more useful employment!


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