I looked up the list of MTDC resorts and found that it was Bordi which I had not visited. So on and extended weekend I drove down to Bordi which is about 40kms to the left of Charoti as you move towards Ahmedabad. The road is promising for the last 18 kms from Dahanu. The MTDC resort true to its reputation is right on the beach. Surprisingly, despite two power plants being nearby, Tarapur and Dahanu, there is a a stiff 6 hour load shedding everyday in the sweltering afternoons. Hence, the manager advises us against taking the 'AC tent House'. I remember only one phrase from my 'now misplaced' 52 weekend breaks from Mumbai: " Bordi bakes ..." and yes it does! The beach is nothing much to talk about ... it strewn with plastic bottles, styrofoam, lost footwear, and what looks like human excreta. Well the only thing shich can be said for the beach is that it is nearly 2 kms long. Soon, the tide recedes and the sea goes back by nearly a kilometre! This reveals a hitherto unseen swampy extension of the beach where children play and birds try to pick on crabs. We decide to change the view and go for a drive to what our manager says as "tribal area" near the Asavli dam. It is a wonderful drive lined by palmyra, coconut and chikoo trees. The last valiant 2 kms are unpaved and we decide to walk it down. The dam is stunningly beautiful. The only creatures we see apart from us are the cows grazing on top of the dam. I wonder why there is no boating, and then realize that it is for the better!


Anonymous said…
The grbage is generally dumped in the high seas by passing ships & tankers. Also the mumbai garbage floats to the beaches all across from Kelwa to Bordi..pity the beautiful place looks so untidy

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