Train journey from Pune

It got real chaotic when I woke up to find Karjat instead of Dadar. Clearly I had made strategic errors last night when I left 6 practically empty train for a slow passenger train that was already 3 hours late and likely to get delayed even further. All for the luxury of a confirmed berth in 3AC. However it was time to cut the delays now. I mulled over the decision to hop into a local, they looked practically empty at this hour. Meanwhile I utilised the train toilets for a brush and a shave. At Badlapur my train overtook a local, so that confused me. But at Ambernath when the train stopped short if the platform and let two locals pass through, the decision was clear. At this rate this train would get even further delayed. So I took courage in both my hands walked the 500 odd metres to the platform on the tracks and got warned by a railway policeman. Bought the tickets un a jiffy and boarded the fast filling 7:34 CST fast from Ambernath. Really grateful to get a window seat, nevertheless. Hopefully will reach destination only an hour or so late.


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