On Books

I have been thinking if there's only one book you have to recommend for reading in a particular genre, what would it be?
I drew up a sketchy list. Here it is:-

1. War and Military - Catch 22
2. Government and bureaucracy - The Complete Yes Prime Minister
3. Indian History - The wonder that was India
4. Travel (India) - Ram Ram India
5. Business and Finance - The Financial Expert
6. History - A short history of nearly everything
7. Mythology and Religion - Mahabharata
8. Children's Literature - Haroun and the Sea of Stories
9. Thin book readable in one sitting - The Little Prince
10.Thick book never finished - War and Peace
11. Fantasy - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
12. Poetry (Hindi) - Rashmirathi
13. Sociology - Changel- The autobiography of a village


sash said…
Such lists are, of course, subjective. But for Business & Finance, hard to beat "When Genius Failed" by Roger Lowenstein. Another thing is, Business and Finance are, strictly speaking, two different categories. You can have finance books which don't fit the business category and the other way round.
vizmom said…
Love your sketchy list but my books are missing
vizmom said…
Love your sketchy list but my books are missing
Varuna said…
Every one have their favourite list but one book I would like everyone to read is "51 great books you should have read (and probably didn't). By George Walsh. I would say it should be made compulsory at some stage in the schools.

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