Lessons from the Lockdown: Fortitude

We are at a momentous phase in history today. We are nearing the end of lockdown. We entered a tunnel on 25 March. And on 4th May, we will be exiting the tunnel. But the scenery outside would have changed forever.
Just feel this moment. You are likely to remember it for the rest of your life.
And things will be very different now on. For a long time. We will be left with a deep nostalgia for pre lockdown freedoms.
It will be something like the dissolution of the Soviet Union (in eastern bloc countries). Or the end of Apartheid (in South Africa).
One thing that we need to develop is Fortitude.
Thanks to the advance in many fields - medical, computer technology, the internet - We as humans had come to think that we have control of our lives, the world, the planet. But as happens so many times, nature has just shown us that the cheese has moved.
An example of this is seen in the medical treatment of infertility. Childbirth, has been over the millennia across all cultures, considered almighty's blessing. However, the development of assisted fertility treatment options has indeed given humans a decidedly firm control over what was hitherto the epitome of a natural process. And this has led to multiple unforeseen spinoffs.
Many urban centres over the years have seen a phenomenal increase in demand for IVF and other infertility treatments. The infertility issue is like a pandemic on its own. People want and expect babies at a particular time frame and are very demanding of this aspect. Whereas in adjoining rural areas - the attitude of people there is entirely different. If one were to collect statistics, infertility (or lack of children among married couples cohabiting for a long time and not practicing contraception) would perhaps be similar in the rural and urban areas. In underdeveloped rural areas, people are accepting of the fact of infertility. They usually do not consider it as a calamity that needs urgent and drastic rectification. They do not seek IVF. 

This gives us an insight into the changes in our mentality that urbanisation and its trail of so-called modernity are bringing. 
With the advent of modern technology, so many aspects of our lives are controllable instantaneously and remotely. We expect such control over all aspects of life as natural. This expectation is killing human civilisation. Increasing demand on the planet. Increasing exploitation and disparity. And in general bringing about a sense of dissatisfaction with everything that happens naturally because it is beyond our control.

Hence, fortitude. Ability to sustain adversity with courage. Acceptance of the natural. Surrender. Fewer expectations. More happiness. Live life as it is rather than as we want it to be.


pallavi_13 said…
Nice comparisons
blackstinger said…
Wouldn't that be called complacency then?
ED said…
Fact of life.
Happiness comes from within.
It's better to accept the truth.
As always your blogs are knowledgeable and a pleasure to read.
Keep writing.

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