Stargazing in Trivandrum

"There are two kind of people: those who have seen the Saturn's rings through a telescope and those who have not"
 I migrated to the the first kind from the second a couple of weeks back peering though my newly acquired Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ on a early morning towards the western sky. You only realise how fast the earth the revolving its around its own axis, when every few moments you have to readjust the telescope to bring the Saturn into focus which has moved down (or west) thanks to the rapid rotation of the earth! It is a captivating sight and indeed has to be seen to be believed. Immediately you would wish to photograph it but possessing no advanced photography gear to attach to my minuscule telescope, I try to record the image on my visual cortex! Stargazing is turning out to be very interesting. However, there seems to be major stumbling blocks here in Trivandrum: The cloud cover is nearly always overcast and the tall coconut trees leave only the western sky free from my rooftop to gaze out!


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