Mahabalipuram: Govardhan Cave: Panoramas

Lord Krishna Holding the Govardhana Mount

The village folk doing about their daily activities while being protected by Lord Krishna who is holding the Govardhana

Some of the spectacles defy photography and the Govardhana cave in Mahabalipuram is one such example. The large bas relief of gigantic proportions does not lend itself t any form of easy photography. To add to the chaos, some exquisite pillars are there as later additions which obstructs the one sweeping continuous view. A panorama mode at a short distance (so as to obviate the pillars) telescopes the view into a parallax. I have tried my best after much trials and errors but still could not recreate the magic of the original sculptures. Perhaps, there are some sights which are meant to be seen by one's own eyes rather than the photographers!


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