Apologies for not wishing a Happy Women's Day

I have spent the better part of today grappling with the thought to send a blast message Happy Women's Dayto all the women contacts on my Whatsapp. But something is holding me back. Isn't this idea of having a day for women so perfunctuous? I mean "hello! We are supposed to be celebrating gender equality so just declare one day in the calendar as women's day! And that too arbitrarily!" There are memes going around that this is the official women's day while the rest are unofficial women's day. Notwithstanding the humour, there seems to be serious flaw in this. I wouldn't have minded if the day indeed is to celebrate womanhood (whatever that means). Like the famous phrase, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", this inherent goodness of thought in celebrating women's day has been highjacked and jeopardised. Now it means a day on which further peer pressure, judgements and opinions are passed regarding what is womanhood and what is being a woman of substance etc. While some of it is well meaning (if misplaced) most of it is just thinly veiled diktats on a socially acceptable pattern of behaviour that would leave most women with a feeling of some degree of inadequacy. I wonder what gave people the right to pass such judgments and sharp criticisms in the first place. And sadly, a segment of women are inadvertently playing a part in painting a utopian potemkinesque behaviour for women. Something like do's and don'ts. All I can say is I am not qualified to say anything to women (anymore than I am qualified to say to men). So guys, men and women, just have fun! Apologies in advance of misinterpretations and hurts due to correct interpretations!
And .. have a great weekend!


Anonymous said…
I agree let’s not have special days to celebrate womanhood .. through this we unconsciously are creating more biases, inequality and what not. I am against the concept of celebrating this day
e Das said…
Every day cannot be women's day Rohit.
A specific date gets the special attention.

Thanks for the wish Rohit!
I totally second your opinion...
Having a day nominated as "Women's Day" totally defeats the purpose of Gender Equality....
Great going
Sur said…
Womanhood (whatever that means) - this made me laugh. Pun intended. You are right on your perspective. I agree with you as well. Enjoyed reading your take on Woman's Day.
Surbhi #surreads

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