Michaelangelo and Marquez

Yesterday, 06 March, was the birthday of two great personalities who have added to our understanding of our world in their own unique ways: Michaelangelo, the great Italian master and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the exponent of magical realism in modern spanish literature.
It is easy to see the genius of Michaelangelo. Its visual and visible. There are great artists and then there are geniuses. Michaelangelo belongs to the latter. As one sees any of his gigantic murals or sculptures one cannot even begin to fathom how such an art piece could even be conceived, let alone executed with such perfection.
On the other hand, the genius of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is subtle almost invisible. His writing is fluid and convoluted but one that grows on the reader. Its scale is larger than life encompassing many dimensions. It is like living in a parallel universe.
But what is common between these two masters is that their oeuvres are timeless. Separated by centuries, both's works are true depiction of human condition.


ED said…
Short and informative.
Savita said…
Nicely written
Nilesh Sharma said…
Wow, so much in so less. Loved your post and writing. Thanks for sharing :)

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