The beginnings

So I was an early hopper to the internet revolution. Notwithstanding the fact that actually "early" here meant noon or even evening for G-7 or even G - 77. But still it was fun to be able to talk in terms of "email", "chatting" and stupid sounding words ending in dot com, when rest of the janta had no clue. It was prohibitively costly and we all cheered when we had Rs10/- per hour cafes next door. Did you say owning a connection ... well that was for rich kids! Then, as happens with too much of a good thing, I had to leave for a place where internet cafe were half an hour drive away and about Rs2/- per minute! I still lingered on with once a week jaunts in claustrophobic smoke filled cabins where the neighbours peered into your screens and asked if you knew any passwords? As the depression set in it was more catastrophic for the world over than for me personally - the dot com bubble burst. But why talk about it - we already know what happened. Then as one bad thing leads to another i went to another place - no internet, no telephones, no roads and hardly any electricity! I realised actually the keyboard and the internet were only a more real form of my daydreams ... did it actually happen?! The jargon which we had proudly bandied about became commonplace and then on thing led to another ... BLOG ... well whats that?! I, Erstwhile Mr. Know It All Of Internet, remarked with horror. Strange day dreams! "Blogs to replace newpapers!" - screamed news magazines which were delivered weeks later to us (when the weather was clear). i was determined that i will publish my own blog the day i would hit InternetLand. But that did not happen - laziness?! or just that i woke up from the daydream. Till I fall asleep again Nil Else To Report.


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