A week later

No Posts for a week?! A real danger of my precious blog withering away! But nayI am back here ! A real hectic week. Early mornings and late nights. Nett gain: Who bothers about that so long as you are surviving! Went on a great religious holiday gone badly haywire. The best laid plans of men and mice ...! How do you feel when your 5.5 hour journey turns into 10 hour drive? Well you sould sit back and enjoy: I can preach from the benefit of hindsight! Places which I had heard of years ago and had lost all geographical connotations were passing by from the taxi window thanks to a landslide and an accident. Its great to discover places accidentally stumbled upon like this. No previous web searches to enlighten you view, no bulky know it all travel guides, just the first hand joy of watching a landscape pass by. Signing out for now.


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