Mumbai Central

Some time back I had written about the places where "Bombay" is written instead of "Mumbai". Well "Mumbai" Central is one of the places. Look carefully in your cellphone display, it shows "Bombay Central" momentarily before changing to Tardeo and finally to Mumbai Central. Also look for those old, dust laden, disused display boards at slow stations of Western Railway, here again it is the magical Bombay. Well if you do not want to go to so much trouble just ask any cabbie and he will promptly say ... Bombay Central. Infact, recently during a manual announcement at the railway station, the guy said "bambai central". In any case what is in a name?! So recently I made a sojourn to this place ... long distance edition to see off some one and I reached a good 45 mins early so I looked around for a place to sit. But unfortunately there was none. Finally I could find some place between a really aged looking lady mumbling something in gujarati and a apparently deserted bellowing infant. The din of the station drowned both these sounds. Suddenly the mother appeared with an older child and disappeared again without attending to the kid. I got up to get tea and immediately my place was usurped by a girl lugging a huge suitcase with multiple airline baggage tags. I was hunting for another place with a leaky cup of tea when the person whom I had to see off, appeared! The station is such a microcosm of the universe!


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