Mumbai Pune Expressway at Night

Mumbai - Pune Expressway is not the safest of the places and least of all at night, however it does make for an exhilarating visual spectacle from the co-driver seat. All the while you do try not to nag the driver too much and at the same time are wary of having forty winks. In the process you take out your mobile and try to snap the lights at the slowest ISO speeds possible in your derelict apology of a camera that doubles up as your mobile too!

 The incoming wave of traffic headlights seem like a nebulous solar storm!

 Inside a tunnel it looks like a clinical controlled setting but don't go by the appearances!

 The maximum speed indicators in green look like a supernatural oracle trying to communicate some as yet uninterpreted forecast!

The lights inside the tunnel look like a child's scribble with newly acquired crayons!


Shalini said…
Very cool effects of the lights.

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