Myna: Two for Joy

Armed with my new camera, Olympus SP 610UZ, a superzoom point and shoot, I went to my neighbourhood park to photograph some common birds. I wanted to photograph some parakeet but they were to high above and too hyperkinetic for me to capture. So I focused on the Common Myna (Acridotheres tristis). It turns out that not only it is one of the most common birds in the world but also it is on of the hundred most invasive species. I realised how difficult it is to photograph birds, common or not, particularly with an autofocus camera. The birds rarely stay still for even a few seconds for the camera to focus. The following was the best I could manage!

A solitary myna foraging ... despite the high ISO the photo is still shaken!

These seem to be oblivious to my presence

Striking a pose


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